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  • MEUA
  • Entidad colectiva
  • 1971-

kihêw waciston Indigenous Centre

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  • Entidad colectiva
  • 1993?-

Formerly known as the Aboriginal Education Centre located at City Centre Campus (room 7-131) and South Campus, kihêw waciston received its name on August 23, 2016 in a traditional ceremony, and means eagle’s nest in Cree. On November 7, 2019, the centre officially opened in the Robbins Centre in the space formerly known as Paul Byrne Hall (9-115). The new enhanced space was created to support a wide range of support services and educational opportunities for MacEwan students and the community, and was designed to facilitate Indigenous teachings, reflect Indigenous perspectives on wellness and to foster a sense of community. It features a circular layout with a gathering room, kitchen facilities, and a wellness space with night sky installation and wîwîp’son Indigenous therapeutic swing below.

Managers: Jane Woodward, Coordinator (1993?-2001), Lynda Ferguson (2002-2006), Eva Stang (2007-2012), Kathy Davis, Acting (2013-2015), Judy Iseke (2015-2016), Terri Suntjens, (2016-2017).
Directors: Terri Suntjens (2017-).

Faculty of Nursing

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  • 1972-

The nursing program began on February 2, 1972 when it was approved in correspondence from the Committee on Nursing Education of the Universities Coordinating Council from a proposal submitted by Nursing Chair Dr. George Monckton. Seventy-four students were admitted for the first class in September, 1972, and in April, 1974, the Occupational Health Nursing Program with given approval to operate with 32 students enrolled. To increase the opportunities for educational advancement of Registered Psychiatric Nurses, a supplementary program leading to a general nursing diploma was approved in May, 1974, and admitted 9 students. In July, 1975, the department was reorganized and enlarged under a new name: Health Sciences Department. The basic nursing program then admitted 80 students in September and 30 in January, 1975. Its first degree, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing was first offered in September, 2007. The Faculty of Nursing was created July 1, 2016.

Grant MacEwan University

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  • 2009-

Named for the former Lieutenant Governor and mayor of Calgary, Grant MacEwan Community College was established in Edmonton, Alberta in 1971. In 1999 it was renamed Grant MacEwan College, and on September 24, 2009 became Grant MacEwan University.

Retirees of MacEwan University

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  • 2015-

The association was formed in winter 2015 by the President's Group Task Team and the Retired Staff Seed Group as part of the University's retiree engagement strategy. Its intention was to continue retiree relationships with the University and one another, and was created as an umbrella group for all categories of retired employees: faculty, staff, out-of-scope, and administration. On May 28, 2015, the Board of Governors approved the name “Retirees of MacEwan University” and on March 19, 2019, the structure was formalized with the approval of the bylaws by the association's Leadership Group.

Its objectives are:
a) To preserve and promote retirees’ connection and continuing association with the University and other retirees. Initiating educational, social and other events for this purpose. To develop and maintain platforms for communication with members.
b) To connect with new retirees regarding membership benefits, opportunities and support available through the Association.
c) To support the goals, priorities and initiatives of MacEwan University, while operating independently. To communicate information to the membership about the University.
d) Represent and communicate members’ interests and concerns to the University and other appropriate agencies concerning, but not limited to the benefits and services available to members.

Administrative structure: administered by a Leadership Group drawn from among the retiree membership and consisting of:
a) Chair
b) Vice Chair
c) Recording Secretary
d) Treasurer
e) Membership Coordinator
f) Events Committee Chair
g) Care Convenor
h) Members-at-Large with defined roles including a Portal Information Management Specialist, Newsletter Committee Chair (Editor), Ambassador Program Coordinator(s), Researcher, and Archivist.
i) Members-at-large as determined by the Leadership Group to provide input and feedback or assume responsibility for a task.

Students' Association of MacEwan University

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  • 1971-

The first student government was elected on October 8, 1971. Composed of two committees, one each from the Cromdale and Old Scona campuses, it was incorporated under the existing provincial legislation as a legal entity. A revised copy of the students’ union constitution was recorded in the Board of Governors meeting minutes from April 12, 1972 (appendix A).

The Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) is a non-profit organization working independently from MacEwan University, and is governed by elected student representatives. Students’ Council is the highest governing body within the Association. It is comprised of 14 Councillors, one Alberta College Campus delegate, and five Executive Committee members.

MacEwan University Archives

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  • 2013-

The MacEwan University Archives serves as the university's official memory and provides access to records of enduring value related to the origins, programs, and mandate of the university and its predecessors for use by MacEwan staff and external researchers. It began in 2013 as a unit within the Library when Valla McLean, Humanities Librarian, was appointed University Archivist. In 2014, space for holdings and a reading room was designated in room 7-305 at City Centre Campus, and an Archives Technician joined the staff. The grand opening for the Archives was held in June 2017. In 2019, the Archives became an institutional member of the Archives Society of Alberta.

Office of the Provost and Vice-President, Academic

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The Provost and Vice-President, Academic is responsible for promoting a culture of academic excellence at MacEwan University and maintaining the University’s reputation as a student-focused institution. The position is head of Academic Affairs.

T. C. (Charles) Day (1971-1993), Sherry Rainsforth (1993-2000), Allen Watson, interim (2000-2002), Janet Paterson-Weir (2002-2013), John Corlett (2013-2018), Craig Monk (2018-). An Associate Vice-President, Academic was in place from 2004-2013. The position was held by Susan May.

Mallon, Darci, 1954-

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  • Persona
  • 1954-

Born in 1954 in Edmonton, Alberta, Darci received an honours diploma in painting from the Alberta College of Art in Calgary, Alberta, and an MFA in painting from York University in Toronto, Ontario. As a professional artist, her work has been shown in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Canada. She joined MacEwan University in 1990 where she was an associate professor as well as the Chair of the Fine Art program. She retired in 2019.

Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre

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  • 1988-

The Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre (URDC) is an endowed institution within MacEwan University. It was created as a project development centre, operating through internal partnerships with faculties and external relationships with other universities in Canada. It was formally established and recognized on April 21, 1988 when the Board of Governors of Grant MacEwan Community College passed a motion officially establishing URDC as a component of the College. As an established centre within the institution, the director of URDC was in direct contact with MacEwan Vice-Presidents and faculty Deans, allowing for a high degree of transparency and communication. The URDC offices were initially located at the Jasper Place Campus, and later moved to the City Centre Campus.
In the years between 1987-1991, the URDC worked in the local community to bolster the arts, music, languages, business, and agriculture, focusing its efforts on developing the Ukrainian community within Canada’s borders as part of a broader national movement towards multiculturalism. This focus shifted in 1991 when the collapse of the Soviet Union brought on renewed interest from Ukrainian Canadians in returning to and developing Ukraine. The Ukrainian Foundation for College Education (UFCE) was established in 1994 to raise, manage, and donate funds for URDC projects and programs. Its efforts have resulted in partnerships between MacEwan University and universities in Ukraine and Eastern Europe such as KyivMohyla Academy (NaUKMA), Ternopil State Medical University (TSMU), and the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU). In addition, decade-long partnerships were established with the International Institute of Business (IIB) and the Institute of Special Pedagogy (ISP) of the National Academy of Pedagogical (now Educational) Sciences.

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